Tuesday, 4 June 2013

New Stars were born - By C.S.Rahul ram

I heard that, NASA has announced, some heavy dust of hard work and creativity has been bundled up for the past one month. suddenly, (1/06/2013) yesterday at 4:00 pm it exploded with bright colors and sound rich. The outcome is, new stars have been born. Sky is not the location. A place called Pungeri near Mambakkam. The stars are from namma ooru (Pungeri). There was nothing before a month, but today the place dazzles with numerous artists, scientists, engineers, dancers, craft makers, singers, storytellers, communicators, and yoga practitioners. Its been a precious moment of being alive, a magical revolution of thoughts and behaviours, nothing seems to be distracting from the moment,the children begin their performance. the whole crowds collective attention is strictly focused on the stage.

Its 3:00 pm yesterday (1/06/2013) Ranjitha and myself entered into Pungeri. Surendran was busy with the kids preparing them for the explosion. Mohan welcomed us. He seems to have some nose blocking not to say in public. He asked me to paint some face masks that were left behind. So i started to paint them. Ranjita, being new she observed the place and kids. Surendran welcomed me with a smile. The preparations were going well. Sugumar and Jeeva sir arrived at the right time. Behind the library is the stage at the street’s cross road. Sugumar and myself were engaged in displaying the kids art and craft work done. We hanged an array of carpets and pinned the artworks to the carpet. Hariharan came with a bright smile. He joined us in exhibiting the artworks. Ranjita and Mohan were busy with kids, Ranjita completely dissolved with the kids. Mohan was arranging the kids for the function. Surendran came to spot and started to welcome the people by encouraging the parai music. i was slamming the parai as well, within a period of 10 mins all the people gathered on the stage. Everything was ready but still the head of the village (thalaivar) was not arrived. Children are ready for their performance. Then thalaivar came, the program started with lighting the lamp and a beautiful song sung by our children. Then after that it was like a 1000 walla crackers. They flowed like a broken dam. The program lasted for an hour and more. They recited poems, spoke in english, The dance with parai was excellent. Surendran, Mohan, Sugumar and myself were standing at the right side of the stage. I was taking photograph with Sugumar. Surendran was busy encouraging the kids with drama and dance. They performed well. The whole crowd were spell bounded, by the energy produced by the children. Then the children told about their experience got from their masters. They thanked all the volunteers and teachers with complete respect and honor. Finally all the crackers exploded with one or two unburns. Everybody was happy at that moment. People and children were charged with positivity. This proved they can do it in within a short period time. It is nice to be a teacher, we are like farmers growing a good crop in whatever case. Pungeri is one of our pride and responsibility.

After the program, we all gathered at the library where, the children was cheering surendran and hugged him,it made a huge impact on the volunteers and teachers. Surendran made everyone sit and provided sweets and stationery to the children as a token of their achievement. Slowly the day was coming to an end, by occuring a positive respect on both parents and community itself. We asked the children not to lose their energy at any cost. Thus we congratulate the community for cooperation and support. We started to move from there.

By C.S.Rahul ram

Friday, 24 May 2013

Namma Ooru - NGO for Educating underprivileged and Rural Children.

Good Day Friends!

After crossing many hurdles, I started an NGO along with my friends.  For the last 7 years, I have been part of a children's NGO called Pudiyadhoor. This experience inspired me to start an NGO on my own.  We have called in "Namma Ooru." 

"Namma Ooru" is an NGO that works to improve the lives of underprivileged children in rural areas, their families and communities through an approach which puts children at the centre of community development. We want to develop a school with a pleasant village environment. Along with the subjects usually taught in all schools, we also want to cover Agriculture, Sports, Yoga,  Martial arts, handicraft, theatre and Ancient Indian medical sciences (Siddha and Ayurveda) and so on.

However, to start a full fledged school, lots of government formalities have to be completed. The trust of the society on the institution has to be developed. As a first step towards this, we have started something called an 'After-School' for kids at two villages, Varatharajapuram near Tambaram andPoongeri near Mambakkam. Here, along with help to finish the homework given at school,  we teach computers  and spoken English. To keep their mind and body healthy, we also teach them drama, folk-dance, handicrafts, yoga, martial arts and sports. These are run from 8 AM to 12 AM in Poongeri and 3:30 PM to 7:00 PM at Tambaram. You are welcome to come and see these whenever you are free.

Still lots more need to be done, and for this we need all the help we can get. We expect your support in 3 ways:

1. Financial Support - 
Even if the amount is small, we want financial support over a long period of time, to sustain the activities we are starting now. We prefer members who contribute monthly on a regular basis, over one time donors. This will make you feel one with the organisation. Please contact me for details on how to contribute.

2. Volunteer Support -
Anything you know, you can come and share with our kids. "Each One Teach One " is the heart of 'NAMMA OORU'. You can contact me for details on timings, subjects, etc. Right now, we urgently need teachers for music, martial arts, drawing and painting.

3. Ideas - 
Your ideas are always welcome to develop this organisation. We need both suggestions on teaching activities and contacts of people who can help us.

Awaiting your support! 

To contact us 
Surendran: 9790796975

Our classes at Varadarajapuram and Pungeri

Our centre at Varadarajapuram. (Made out of a lorry container!)